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Fiji Islands is located in the South Pacific and is well known for their pristine waters…where warm currents and a huge expanse of ocean results in waters that are teeming with rich sea life.

The South Pacific Ocean is a breeding haven for Tuna and this in turn lets us provide some of the highest quality tuna and seafood into the global market. Fiji Islands is also a well placed hub in the South Pacific… with direct air and sea links to a number of metropolitan countries around the Pacific Rim.

It is in this ideal environment that Golden Ocean Fish Group of Companies harvests premium seafood delicacies for export to many renown customers around the world.  Golden Ocean Fish Ltd has been in operation in Fiji since 2000.

Golden Ocean Fish Ltd’s main business is Tuna Long-line fishing, processing and exporting of Yellow fin and Big Eye Tuna and other deep sea fishes such as Albacore Tuna, Marlin, Swordfish, Mahimahi, Wahoo, Opah, Escolar, Sailfish and Spearfish.

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